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    Find answers to the most common questions

    Yes, your car will look and perform the same prior to your accident

    Yes, we will vacuum and detail the interior and then wash the exterior of your vehicle after any autobody repairs have been performed.

    OEM parts are from the vehicle manufacturers and are of the highest quality. Aftermarket parts are quality parts made by factories that are not from vehicle manufacturers (usually made in China or Taiwan). They look and fit the same as OEM but the costs are lower. Recycled parts are OEM used parts from auto recyclers.

    Yes, we can arrange for a courtesy car or any transportation that is convenient for you. In many cases we can arrange for a ride to your destination or even provide a cab ride.

    – A valid driver’s license
    – A credit card or acceptable deposit in the amount of customers deductible
    – Must be minimum 19 years old or have a parent/guardian sign the contract
    – Collision and comprehensive on the vehicle being repaired

    No, waiving a deductible is fraud against an insurance company and under no circumstances will Pender Auto Body waive a deductible.

    The cost of repainting a vehicle will vary and be different for every client. Please call 604-255-1626 to set up a complimentary consultation.

    As autobody repair work often gets expensive, we always try to help our customers make the best choice. The factors to consider are the overall shape of a vehicle and the types of costs that you will incur in the near future. In many cases it is possible to upgrade to a newer vehicle that is in better shape, better fuel efficiency and less kilometers for a minimal cost difference. Another factor is if the vehicle is a daily driver or has sentimental value. Cars that are a daily driver need to be reliable and safe. If you are unsure, we are more than happy to answer questions that you may have.