Rolls-Royce: Just Crushing It

So when it comes to luxury cars, we all know well-renowned brands like Bentley, Aston Martins and of course, the ever-so-classy, the Rolls-Royce. Known for being hand-built, (60 pair of hands to be exact!) Rolls-Royce is busy working on the reveal of their Ghost Elegance.

The Ghost is a car that could be described as pure luxury as it boasts a twin-turbocharged 6.6 litre v12, a smooth 8-speed transmission and over 560 horses. Sitting at around the $400,000 mark, the Ghost Elegance is going to have a slightly higher price tag. (And by ‘slightly,’ I really do mean ‘substantially!’) So what’s going to make this vehicle so special you ask?

Ladies, brace yourselves here – the paint that’s going to be used for the Elegance model, contains over 1,000 crushed diamonds! Yep, you read it correctly – crushed diamonds! From the five coats of paint on the body to the hand-stitched leatherwork in the interior, perfection is the benchmark. The paint job alone is going to be the most luxurious and lustrous exterior ever seen on a motor car.

Rolls-Royce states that this will be the most expensive paint option ever put on any of their cars. Though we don’t know any pricing details yet, we also don’t know any other features beside the paint job of the Elegance. So…any guesses as to how much this sparkling car is going to cost? 😊

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