Meet Rina Garcia – Office Coordinator


Rina Garcia – Office Coordinator

You’ve probably chatted with her over the phone or exchanged emails, or you were already greeted by her sweet smile at the front desk. Rina is Pender Auto Body’s new Office Coordinator – she’s a valuable member of our team and handles all things customer! She’s the one who manages the scheduling of the arrival of your car and makes sure you get a nice, clean courtesy car to drive off with!  

While providing you with excellent customer service, Rina also does a lot of behind the scenes work for PAB – managing Hung’s schedule is a job within itself 😊

Being onboard for over 6 months now, Rina loves the office environment and is learning as much as she can from her colleagues – she might even venture into the world of accounting one day to help in the finance department! She loves traveling the world and, naturally, is a foodie herself with the love to try new foods of different cultures.

If you haven’t had a chance to meet Rina yet, be sure to look for her at your next visit to Pender Auto Body. Also, check out her new locks and look as she used to sport longer hair!

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