Meet Raymond Tong – Office Manager

Some new faces at Pender Auto Body these days! We’d like to introduce you to Raymond Tong – our Office Manager!

In short, Raymond is in charge of tracking shop effectiveness and performance. Everything from managing supplements and shop ordering, evaluating the results of production and the scheduling system. Without Raymond, the shop will be out of order!

Some cool facts about Raymond:

  • He used to work at Securiguard for 8 whole years before joining the PAB team
  • He’s a true foodie! A dedicated home chef who is mastering the magic of fire in the kitchen…watch out! You also can’t be a food expert without knowing your beverages. He calls himself, a “Coffee, tea, wine AND whiskey Connoisseur!”
  • He’s a casual hiker but he really is in fact polishing his bushcraft skills out in the great outdoors!
  • Last but not least, he was a COMPETITIVE ballroom dancer who competed nationally and internationally!

Now when you come in to meet Raymond, you can ask him to do a quick performance while you pick up your car 😊

Please join us in welcoming Raymond to our team 😊


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