Is Your Auto Body Shop ProFirst Certified? We are!

As some vehicles like the 2016 Honda Civic and HR-V Crossover utilizes more ultra-high-strength steel in their vehicles, the use of the new lightweight metals demand technicians to have the proper equipment in place for new repair procedures. Having had some foresight into their new technology, Pender Auto Body is proud to already be ProFirst Certified and is available to accept vehicles of this type.

So what does this actually mean? It means that we’re fully trained and understand that some of the new materials are actually constructed of multiple layers of different grades of steel. It also means that our technicians know when to apply heat and when they should not as they would never compromise the quality of the high-strength steel during any kind of straightening methods.

Being on top of new technological advances is important to us as we want to continue to build consumer confidence, and also deliver the best in-class-collision repair and customer experience in our local community 🙂


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