Interior, Interior, Interior!

Autonomous cars. It’s a hard topic not to chat about as it is quite fascinating when you think about it. ABI Research Institute, a research group based in London, believes by 2030, driverless vehicles will be in full swing. 2030! That’s only 13 years away from now. Our kids will be teenagers or young adults…and will possibly not have to obtain their own driver’s license as it may be completely pointless and obsolete since cars can drive themselves. See? Fascinating.

The group predicts that more than 11 million shared driverless cars will be on streets around the world with 64 users per vehicle. Easy to say, car manufacturers will design interiors to be reconfigurable for individual needs and preferences for whoever is using the vehicle at the time.

Check out some of these concept vehicle ideas:

mercedes-benz interior bigscreen dashboard


A complete transformation from the traditional car interiors that we’re used to seeing everyday, that’s for sure. What would you want to see in a self-driving car?!




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